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About The Scribe - Sunil Chandy

Sunil Chandy is a song writer, composer, arranger and transcriber as well as a multi-instrumentalist musician whose first love is the bass guitar. He has transcribed music for clients from the U.S., U.K. Austrailia, Germany, Finland and Denmark. He has performed in bands in the U.S., the U.K. and India, across genres from Rock, &Metal to Jazz and Indian Classical fusion. He has been music director in a church and a university, where he has mentored musicians, directed choirs, composed and recorded original material and led sung worship.  He is based in London, U.K.


About MusicScribe

MusicScribe works as a backstage assistant for your music. MusicScribe produces clearly written music for musicians at all levels of experience and ability. MusicScribe’s transcription, proof reading, arranging and composition services can save you time that’s perhaps better spent practising and playing.

One of MusicScribe’s core values is accessibility - opening up music-making to all by giving music directors of  every persuasion the resources to enable everyone to contribute something to the music being made.

MusicScribe uses Sibelius to produce professional scores, some of which can be seen on the sheet music samples page, and these can be sent in the format most convenient to you. MusicScribe can also convert Sibelius files to XML for the benefit of users of other software such as Finale.

Regardless of the size of the project - from orchestration to lead sheet - MusicScribe delivers professional scores with care and attention to detail.

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